How Soft & TEKNIK reduced their recruitment
costs by almost 60%


  • Company: Soft & TEKNIK
  • Collaboration model: Extended team
  • Number of employees:
  • Number of developers hired: 2
  • Location: Denmark
  • Tech Stack:

What is Soft & TEKNIK?

Soft & TEKNIK is a heat and electricity scrubber. They have developed their own system for measuring water, heat, and electricity consumption in apartments, which can be read both locally in the apartment and centrally – for example at a housing association.

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  • The average salary for outsourced developers: 170K KR =  ⅔ Saved costs 
  • 50% increase in the project development process 
  • Time to hire reduced by 50% 

When Soft & TEKNIK reached out to SDEX, the suggested solution was to outsource a senior Full Stack developer to work alongside their in-house developer for a period of not less than 6 months. After the initial discovery meeting, our recruitment team started filtering and shortlisting candidates from our database. Within 2 weeks, Soft & TEKNIK received the profiles of 3 shortlisted candidates and agreed to hire one. The candidate successfully joined Soft & TEKNIK’s team and onboarded to work with them for a one-week trial period. After that, Soft & TEKNIK signed a 1-year contract with the developer.

Developer Profile

John Azmy

John is a senior software developer with expertise in a vast array of software tools such as Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.Net Core, and others. He joined SDEX in April 2018 and has worked mainly with Soft & TEKNIK on developing IoT solutions for managing devices in the Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, and others.

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